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From the Inception, this organization has operated on the principle that regulations are minimum standards to be met or exceeded. As an organization, we define Trust as the Provision of excellent services with an expectation of continuous improvement and commitment. Excellent service is defined by safe, effective, recipient-centered, timely, equitable and personal goal-oriented service delivery. Our mission at OTI is to provide quality services for individuals from all walks of life while helping them reach their personal goals. Our vision is to reach previously and currently underserved populations in the New York Metro area as well as Nassau and Suffolk County through our services. Our staff are well educated in various areas such as Education, Dietetics, Nutrition, Health Administration, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Social Services, Medicaid Eligibility, Service Coordination, Specialized Investigations/trainings and more. OTI is committed to staff development, providing consistent support based upon the most current training and supervision philosophies. We pride ourselves in being multicultural as well as having a knowledge based team that is able to recognize all your needs. We go above and beyond the call of duty to provide admirable services for those who Trust what we do. Our team strives to achieve 100% regulatory compliance while driving for optimal service outcomes.

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Our Staffing credentials/ achievements include but not limited to:


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[dropcap type=”1″ letter=”☆”]DEGREES:

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Masters Health Administration

Masters Business Administration

Masters of Education

Masters of Art Bilingual Special Education

Masters Criminal Justice

Bachelors Pre-Professional Med, Minor: Psychology

Bachelors Legal Studies/ Criminal Justice

Bachelors of Science, Accounting

Bachelors Public Administration

Bachelors of Professional Studies in Human Services

Associates in Early Childhood Education

NYS and NYC Certified Dietician-Nutritionist

NYS Certified Lactation Counselor


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[dropcap type=”1″ letter=”☆”]ACHIEVEMENTS:

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United States Army Reserve honors award

Who’s Who Amongst American Students award

NYS OCFS Certificate trainings

NYS Certificate of Achievement for Justice Center Initial Investigator training

Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS)

Certified Mental Health First Aid responder

NYS OMH 14-CARAT training

NYS DOH Certificate trainings (NHTD/TBI)

Mayor’s Voluntary Action Award (MVAC)

CASAC credits

Member of American Dietician Association



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