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Osarose Tracey Okwumbu MHA, CBIS


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Masters Health Administration
Bachelors in Pre-Med Biology, minor Psychology
NYS Corporate Compliance Continuing Education Credits through CCB(Compliance Certification Board)

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CBIS (Certified Brain Injury Specialist)
ACBIS Fundamentals Training Instructor
Certified Mental Health First Aid responder

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NYS OCFS Certificate Trainings for B2H program
NYS OMH 14-CARAT training
NYS DOH Certificate trainings (NHTD/ TBI Programs)
OPWDD Support Broker Certified

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A transformation Strategist who develops and implements robust strategic plans, which communicate change, while cultivating strong relationships with appropriate internal and external stakeholders in order to promotes private and public involvement with established business goals.

In-depth knowledge in strategic planning, fundraising, sustainability planning, curriculum development, training, and business mediation. Capability to organize collaborative networks and cultivate a community of practice for turnaround work that maximizes business bottom line.

Proficient in assisting organization to realized goals through use of SOSTAC techniques i.e.

Situation Analysis – where are we now?

Objectives – what do you want to achieve?

Strategy – how are you going to get there?

Tactics – what are the details of the strategy?

Actions – who is going to do what, and by when?

Controls – how are you going to measure success?

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