Brand Management

At OTI we believe in working with you to develop the blueprint to your brand. We take Culture, Mission, and Identity seriously, we understand them as pillars to success, and we intend to use them strategically to create your value proposition. With the use of our proprietary Tri-I™ methodology we aim to Identify, Innovate, Initiate all the nuances that will serve to make your business successful.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the baseline standard to be met and exceeded by businesses, that’s what consumers desire, and that what we believe at OTI. Lets work together in taking full assessment of your business. From assets, to personnel, and policy lets develop a model that is efficient and effective in attaining desired milestones in the path to your success

Full Service Accounting

Accounting and bookkeeping can be cumbersome we know and understand this all to well. OTI would love to help you with all the annoying nuances that come along with making sure your financials are inline. With the aide of staff CPA we can offer Tax preparation services, Financial Planning, Budget Analysis and Preparation, Payroll Services and Corporation setup.

Business Development

We’ve all had to start from somewhere and in this explosive startup culture we’d love to build with you. Lets help you define your industry, come up wit scalable objectives and action plans that will build the proper framework for your business. For those already established lets work together to enlist all of the cutting edge and up to date tools needed to gain and grow your brand in terms of visibility, awareness and technology.


“Excellent services are defined by value, innovation, and efficacy.”

At OTI our mission is to provide quality services based on theses principles. As an organization we maintain a firm belief that you live and die by the foundations that you build, with this understanding it is our goal to effectively build a safe, trusting, and profitable relationship with you the client. For our efforts we hope to create a lasting relationships and a positive impression that has been cultivated through your experience. Our goals are to meet all of your presenting needs with the use of our diverse service capabilities. With a staff roster that maintains technical experience in fields of Brand Management, Consumer Management, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Accounting and Business Development, we work with the assertion that any job is within our ability. We welcome you to make further inquiry into the services that we provide, and we look forward to working with you today.



“If you care to ask what our goals are we’ll delightfully tell you…”

It’s to successfully develop your business bottom line. At OTI we believe businesses are defined by more than just the exclusive scopes of Morals or Money, but rather a dynamic marriage of both.



“At OTI we strongly feel our mission goes beyond just serving our businesses, and with OTI Community Service Inc.”

We want to be a major player in helping our communities as well. There is an overburdened social service system out there and we intend to serve as a valuable resource to serve best you our communities. With services ranging from Medicaid Service Coordination, General Casework, Tutoring, Nutrition and Health Administration, and Early Intervention. We look to bridge the gap between your presenting issue and solutions.